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Talking about Solar Street Light

    Solar Energy generally refers to the suns radiation energy, in the modern general used for power generation. It is the most direct and most common and most clean energy on earth. Solar energy as a huge amount of renewable energy, the surface of the earths surface radiation per day is equivalent to about 250 million barrels of oil, can be said to be inexhaustible. The use of solar energy has passive use (light and heat conversion) and photoelectric conversion in two ways. Solar power is a new kind of renewable energy. The broad sense of solar energy is the source of many energy on earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on.

    Solar street light as the energy of the sun, when there is the sun , the solar panels recharge the battery, at night,the inside the battery power supply to the light , without the need for complex and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the lighting layout, security, energy saving, no artificial Operation is stable and reliable, save electricity and maintenance-free.

    1. Solar street light system

    1.1 Introduction to the basic system components

    Solar street light system consists of solar panels (Monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon), solar street lights intelligent charge and discharge controller (including light control and time control), solar street lamp control box, low pressure sodium lamp rectifier, low pressure sodium lamp, battery and light pole ; solar panelss luminous efficiency achieve 127Wp / m2 , have high efficiency,  is very advantageous to  the systems wind-resistance design .

    Battery box is made from stainless steel or galvanized iron spray , which is beautiful and durable; maintenance-free lead-acid battery and charge and discharge controller are arranged in the control box  . Under normal circumstances ,the solar street lighting system use VRLA battery, because of its little maintenance, it is also known as "maintenance-free battery" , which is conducive to lower system maintenance costs; charge and discharge controller  takes into account the function Complete (with light control, time control, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and reverse polarity protection, etc.) and cost control in design, achieves a high price.

    1.2 Introduction to working principle

    Solar street light system works simple, solar street light manufacturers, using photovoltaic effect principle , made of solar cells Daytime solar panels receive solar radiation energy and into electrical energy output, after the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery, at night when the illumination is gradually reduced To about 10lux, the solar panel open circuit voltage of about 4.5V, charge and discharge controller detects the voltage value after the action, the battery discharge on the lamp. Usually, the battery discharge time can be set,  can also light control, charge and discharge controllers main role is to protect the battery, and make control of the street lights switch .

    2. The system design

    According to the thinking of solar street lamp manufacturers, solar street light design compared with general solar lighting , have the same basic principles, but need to consider the link more. The following will  make an example, in several aspects to do analysis.

    2.1  Selection of Solar Cell Module for Solar Street Light

    Design requirements: Shenzhen, the load input voltage 24V power 34.5W, working hours for 8 hours a day, to ensure continuous rainy days for 6 days. Streetlight design for the 26W, 3600LM.

    ⑴ The annual radiation of Shenzhen in recent 20 years is 107.7Kcal / cm2, by a simple calculation of Shenzhen peak sunshine hours is about 3.424h;

    Use the peak output power of 110Wp, Single block 55Wp standard battery pack 2 pieces, should be able to ensure that the street system in most cases a year under normal operation.

    2.2 Selection of solar street lamp battery

    Solar street lamp manufacturers in this case can choose two 12V 100AH battery that can meet the requirements.

    2.3 The solar module bracket of solar street light 

    2.3.1 Solar street lamp inclination design

    Solar street lamp manufacturers in order to allow solar modules  to receive the solar radiation in a year as much as possible, we have to select a solar cell module the best angle.

    On the best angle of the solar cell  of the solar street light  components,  a number of them appeared in academic journals  a lot in recent years . The use of street lamps for the Shenzhen area, according to the design reference in the literature [1], select the solar module stand angle of 16o.

    2.3.2 Wind resistance design

    In the solar street light system, solar street lamp manufacturers need to attach great importance to the problem of the wind design. Wind design is divided into two blocks, one for the battery component bracket wind resistance design, the second is the wind resistance design of  pole .

    2.4 Solar street light controller

    Solar controller is called solar charge and discharge controller, which is used in solar power generation system, the control of multiple solar cells on the battery charging battery and solar inverter load to the automatic control of power supply.

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